Search Engine Optimization

Once you have your brilliantly designed website, you need to make sure that people see it! Search Engine Optimization is the way to improve your visibility. People often ask us ‘How to get on the first page of google’ and the truth is… this is one of the best ways! By working with a professional your website rockets from being an unheard of site to way up there as one of the top results. Once this has been achieved when people search for your service, there you are!

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is commonly referred to as SEO. It is the method used to optimize traffic from search engine results. We do this by building in elements that the search engine finds attractive and will place you at the top of the result list more regularly. This boost in your place in the list enables customers to find you quickly, encouraging their trust in you as popular providers of excellent quality services or products. Couple this service with additional measures including paid search ads, and your business will be at the top of that list!

On page SEO

There are two types of SEO optimization for your webpage. These are on page and off page. Both will increase your visibility, optimizing your positioning in search engine results. The on page SEO is to do with the content that we build into your website. This includes keywords, descriptions of images, headings, and tags. When installed correctly into the function of your website, it will unnoticeably be serving your positioning as people search for services similar to yours.

On page SEO methods

There are several elements that we use to comprise high quality on page SEO. These measures will achieve absolute success in boosting your search engine ratings. The purpose of these is to tell the search engine exactly what your page and content is about. We do this by using clear and precise headings, tags, image names, and verbal descriptions of images. By clearly cataloging this information the search engine can index your details so that when a potential customer searches a certain word, it will relate your site to their search. We also help the search engines to know more about your site by adding internal links. These connect your business to topics that already exist within the search engine’s understanding, again helping your website to be understood as clearly as possible.

Off page SEO

Off page SEO is any web content that is related to your business but not actually featured on your website. This will include any web pages or articles that you are mentioned in. These are particularly effective when they are sites that are well known in your field. It will also include all your social media pages and any blog posts. This wider network of information and recognition of your business assures both customers and the search engines that your business is considered reliable.

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