Digital Marketing FAQ's


Nick started the company once he learned, as a consumer, the power of Digital Marketing. After being on the consumer end for a number of years and watching the companies he worked at get ripped off with mediocre results, customer service and high bills he decided to give it a shot himself. Nick had always been tinkering and doing things for himself such as purchasing and managing real-estate, but a passion developed for the psychology behind lead generation and the unique ever changing playing field the SEO provided. Additionally, families today are constantly battling with daycare, school, after school programs, work, their own personal time etc and he wanted to not only provide a bit more balance and flexibility in his own life, but provide that to others as well. These factors made for a match made in heaven after officially welcoming his wife and his daughter in to the world in March of ’19.

Digital Marketing- this encompasses different techniques including but not limited to SEO, Digital Advertising, Digital Reputation Management, GMB (Google my business/Google Maps) optimization and Web Design. We also offer business consulting and have partnered with cyber security

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization- What this means is that we are taking a web page and heightening its visibility to search engines such as, GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO and more to increase traffic, phone calls and form fills.

We categorize anything that “gets your name and services out there” as Marketing. The encompasses SEO, Advertising and other things both digital and otherwise

Favorite question. You can have the most beautiful site in the world, great photos great info, all the calls to action ETC. However, unless someone is searching for you by NAME then they are going to be more likely searching for WHAT your company DOES or SELLS. The search engines then provide the most relevant, local and authoritative results. The search engines are not emotional, they wont respond to better pictures or better color schemes. If you are not optimized for the way a search engine produces results, your business is essentially INVISIBLE.

Not unlike most, the answer is, it depends. A few factors to consider when determining what it will cost are :
1) How competitive is my market/keyword search (online)
2) What is the geographic area I am targeting (bigger the area/population the more expensive)
3) How FAST do I want to go
We customize plans based on these and many other factors through our due diligence process once we link up!

No, yes, both. Much like the signage on the building of your vehicle, this is marketing. But SEO is specifically targeted toward ORGANIC marketing. SEO is looking to put your company in the BEST position on the search engines when a prospective client is actively searching for your service or product.

Yes, pretty much any digital marketing strategy that we know of, we do. Our preference and focus has been on the organic searches through SEO because we find it to be the most cost effective and long lasting. Often times advertising is done in conjunction with SEO to speed up results/leads and or to educate the public- Say for example you are a landscaper who wants to get in to the pool business, it is through advertising that we SHARE this information and draw people in, whereas SEO targets the people already actively looking for that service and highlighting that your business is the clear choice.

No- we have a few key team members who are by far the best at what they do which really helps personalize the project experience but also helps us maintain quality and stay on track with our deliverables to you.

YES- we will work with you on strategies to expand your digital footprint and rankings in tertiary markets.

Any person or organization looking to grow and expand, We have helped Bakery’s, Plumbers. Real Estate Agents, Mobile Auto Service providers and Landscapers, just to name a few!

We provide a variety of options to choose from that suit your business, its style and its audience alike.