Google Maps Optimization

Google Maps marketing is generally considered one of the most important formats of local SEO marketing. Most of us use Google Maps as a way to find local businesses that are highly recommended. It is a simple process whereby you type in a keyword and local businesses spring up that are related to your search. The order of the results is organized by the search engine itself.

What is Google Maps marketing?

Google Maps marketing is the process that maximizes your business’s presence on Google Maps. It aims to place you higher in the results list so that when a potential customer or client searches a keyword, you will come up as one of the first options. We all know that this means you are more likely to click on it, and therefore more likely to work with that company. So, the likelihood of work through search engines is vastly increased! By working with your local experts, the better your chances are that you will come up as one of the first responses to a search!

Why is digital marketing on Google Maps important?

When we use this method, we all know that the first few are the ones you click on. To get you heard about, (and consequently sales!), we need to make sure that you come up early in the list. As one of the most popular ways for people to find out about nearby businesses, it is essential that you work with a professional team to give your website the best chance it can have of being visible at all times.

Google My Business

The way that we increase your visibility on Google Maps is by creating an effective Google My Business profile. This is a free service that allows you to manage all aspects of your online presence. We input as many details as possible in a strategic manner that means that the search engine picks you up clearly and concisely, recognizing the work that you do and rating you highly on the list of your competitors. Within your Google My Business profile, there will be information including your contact details, address, a summary of work/ services, hours of operation, reviews, and images. By working with professionals you allow your profile to be crafted specifically to be noticed by the software and algorithms so that your presence is boosted drastically.

How will our work rank you higher in the Google Maps list?

In order for Google and other search engines to rank you highly, it needs to clearly understand the work that you do. By working with your local experts, you enable your Google My Business profile to be professionally crafted so that it can be understood by the algorithms and software. The system works by firstly ranking businesses by location and proximity to the search. Next, and more importantly, it looks at how complete and accurate your listing is. This is the detail that will separate you from your competitors.

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